Pam Taylor Real Estate Agent Review and Testimonials

Pam Taylor Real Estate Agent Review and Testimonials


Pam Taylor Real Estate Agent Review and Testimonials are listed below. Pam is a lead member of the Taylor Team at Realty Center in Ocoee Florida.  She has had her license for over 24 years and has experience in listing and selling homes in all price ranges. In addition, she works with home buyers to help them find hat perfect home or even to help them find a new home community to build a new home.


First Time Home buyer-

Pamela provided me the best customer experience possible, she listened to my concerns throughout the entire process, made sure to address each concern in email, and kept in constant communication to help this sale go through. I can say if I had another realtor this sale would not have happened because it took a lot to deal with my specific requests and understanding of the entire process. I would recommend Pamela to anyone within my family or friend or even colleague network. Thank you again.

A. Lopez


So I just realized i have not made a formal announcement… dreams do come true, Jaylee and I are now official home owners. The house did come with a built in tiki bar that I have officially named The Pink Pearl. Can’t wait to host our friends and family for some pool parties this summer! Major thanks to my realtors Pamela Taylor and Scott Taylor and mortgage broker Robert Harris. I really couldn’t have asked for a better team. If your thinking about buying a house def contact them!

Ocoee Home JV


Ocoee Rants, Raves, Reviews ….RAVE:  Realtor Pamela Taylor. First time home buyer here. I found Ms Pam on this board and I’m so glad I did. She was super helpful and always available to answer my questions or to calm my anxiety. From day one to closing she has walked me thru the entire process of finding a home way better then anything i would have ever imagined. Not only did she do her job as a realtor but also stayed on top of all my other contacts to get me in the house ASAP. I was closed within 3 weeks of putting in an offer due to her persistence. Thank you so much Ms Pam!! 
Julie Vaughn.
Scott & Pam are knowledgeable, low pressure and results- oriented.Rick & Linda 

“Dear Pam, Just can’t thank you enough! Thank you so much for all your help and hard work to find us a perfect home, we realy appreciate everything you have done for us, Many Thanks”

-Karen & Junior Smizmaul

SW Orlando


They are knowledgeable, low pressure, and results oriented. Sold in 1 day at full price.

Linda& Rick

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