Barbara Frys – Orlando, FL

I have known Lucy Martinelli for twenty- five years as a Realtor, and she has become a friend of the family. We had become to know Lucy when we were selling our first starter home. We were confused and actually didn’t know where to start. Lucy was very professional and explained all aspects of the selling/buying procedure to us, had an open house and sold our home above market value, and set us on track to purchase our second home in the Dr. Phillips area which we loved.
As time went on our daughter graduated from college had gotten a job and was perusing the possibility of purchasing her first home. There was no doubt in our minds that Lucy would be called upon to help our daughter with her purchase. She purchased a town home in the Independence area which she loved until she married and we again called upon Lucy again to enable her to sell her home so she could move on. Another success story, Lucy sold her home in record time at again above market value.
So, the Reality history again prevails, when our daughter married and moved to Seminole County, and we wanted to follow her, and down size, so again Lucy was the first Realtor brought to mind.
It was hard leaving our beloved Dr. Phillips property in Orange County, and now searching for a home in Seminole County not knowing anything about the area or the availability of homes we would like. Lucy had the patience of a Saint as we must have seen at least 40 homes until she had shown us the ONE we loved, and we purchased it. Lucy took the time to gather all of our requirements we wanted in a home. She considered the area we wanted, and knew our needs and desires in the purchase of our new home. Again, another success story as Lucy found the house of our dreams. KUDOS
Lucy and her Team have become a “stable” for our reality needs through the years, due to her professionalism, diligence, and Reality knowledge.
Thank you, Lucy for your assistance in our reality needs through the years. It has been a pleasure working with you as a Realtor and friend.
Jim & Barb Frys